Here is a page that introduces kind of my job.
I am looking forward to your access and application from all over the world!

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Ⅰ Cello Performance

Ⅱ Lesson


Ⅰ Cello Performance                        






Concert hall, Church, Temple, Museum, Library, Restaurant / Cafe, Jazz bar, Company, Outdoor stage etc…


Salon Concert, Orchestra Extra, Sound · BGM · Recording, Reading concert, Exhibition Opening Performance, Collaboration with Artists, Corporate Party, Lecture, Wedding, Festival, Events(Music,Anime,Book,Art…) etc…



For example:
(what it was like that day → Click Photo!)


1, Music+Reading concert+Restaurant=


2, Musik+Japanese dance+Corporate Partz+Outdoor Stage=



I can play with other instrument player too.

I have experiences other than performing, such as plays and recitation events.

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Ⅱ  Lesson